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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Tips Install Bait

This knot suitable to be used to tie bait either octopus slice or deep fish section with flow water situation no matter at sea or river.

1. Bait cut admitted go through hook yet this method have evil if using soft bait because it likely will be consumed unwanted fish or smaller sized.

2. However, bait will be safer if admitted go through especially fishing-line at the level air whose deeper.

3. Then folding bait and was once again include hook go through him to make sure hook effectiveness.

4. Bait part of the surplus can become attractiveness when it move bring current.

5. One more time include hook go through last part to make sure excluded hook from bait.

6. Take piece more bait and folding then include go through hook.

7. Push bait part become folded to make sure excluded eye and impose victim nicely.

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