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Sunday, November 27, 2011

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Fishing Techniques

Catching fish depends on many factors – where and when you're fishing, the time of day, the season and weather, your experience level and your equipment. While anyone can wet a line and eventually get a bite, learning some basics about fishing technique will greatly increase your chances. You can have the best fishing rod and reel in your hands, but unless you know how to rig your tackle, how to cast, and work your lure or bait in the specific waters your fishing, at the end of the day, you'll just have a nice rod and reel in your hands.

To learn more about the specific techniques listed below, just follow the links.
Saltwater. Learn more about the various kinds of saltwater fishing and techniques.
Bait Casting. An acquired skill that takes some practice to master.

Spin Casting. An ideal method for beginners.

Fly Fishing. A world of fishing – some might say a way of life – unto itself.
Still Fishing. A versatile way to fish that rewards the patient angler.
Drift Fishing. Experience a variety of habitats from your boat.
Live Lining. Know how to play the currents for a successful day of fishing.
Chumming. Here's an idea: get the fish to come to you.
Bottom Bouncing. For a great fishing experience, start at the bottom.
Using a Trolling Motor. Play your cards right and the fish will follow you anywhere.
Jigging. How good are you at recreating the action of what fish feed on?
Jig and Worm. Master these techniques for even more fishing fun.
Ice Fishing. Go hard-core or cozy. Either way, it's a great challenge.
Fishing From Boats
Big or small, motorized or outfitted with paddles, a boat simply allows you to cover more water. But for most folks, a boat simply makes fishing a lot more fun. The boat you choose should be based on where you want to fish and what kind of fish you're after. Some boats are better on rivers, streams and ponds. And some are best used on large bodies of water. Choose your boat wisely and follow the rules.

Know your boat and how to handle it.

The water you're in contains hazards such as submerged trees and rocks.
Watch the weather conditions and follow emergency procedures.
Always carry safety devices and know how to use them.
The boat operator is legally responsible for the boat and the safety of those on board.
Understand the rules of navigation, the courtesies of safe boating and always complete a boater safety course prior to operating a boat for the first time.
Learn more about different types of boats and boating in our Boating section.

Catch and Release

Whatever technique you use, you should understand the importance of catch and release. It was first introduced in Michigan in 1952 as a way to reduce the cost of stocking hatchery-raised trout. Since then, conservationists and sport fishermen alike have promoted catch and release to ensure sustainability and avoid over fishing. Proper catch and release also reduces fish fighting and handling times and helps avoid damage to fish skin, scales and slime layers— damage that can leave fish vulnerable to fungal skin infections.
Here are some simple rules.
Don't keep a fish out of water longer than you can hold your breath.
Handle a fish with your bare hands rather than with gloves or a rag. Check with your state Department of Natural Resources regarding how to handle fish.
Never tear a hook out of the fish. Make or purchase an efficient hook remover.
If a fish loses consciousness, try to revive it by gently moving it forward and backward so water moves through its gills.
When the fish begins to struggle and can swim, let it go.

Get more information on landing a fish.

PowerPro Braided Line And New Lures

Most people choose color based on personal preferences, but for fishermen, color is a necessity. Each application requires a specific color line. Anglers decide on the color lure they will throw, and should also be selective with the color of line to use in each application.

All colors available in these (LB) Sizes: 5lb, 8lb, 10lb, 15lb, 20lb, 30lb, 40lb, 50lb, 65lb, 80lb, 100lb, 150lb, 200lb, 250lb

Spool Sizes: 100yd, 150yd, 300yd, 500yd,1500yd, 3000yd

Spool directly from the box
Built-in cutter
Package protects the remaining line
Arbor tape included

The new Stinger Butterfly Whirligig is as what its name implies; a jig that whirls around in a circular motion when you jig it. An ingenious offset cut gives this jig the action identical to an injured baitfish in its death spiral. It is a particular deadly jig to use when there are schools of baitfish with bigger predators around that are picking on the stray and injured fish.
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