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Thursday, January 03, 2008

Fisherman, angler forbid to the sea

Although hazard warning already called in caused much better flood situation in especially some region in East Coast Of The Peninsula, public, including fisherman and angler request always wary.

However, rough sea warning issue Meteorology Department expected to happen until this end of the month following as fast as wind blow state 40 to 50 kilometre (km) an-hour and request any activity sea in area involved stopped to avoid undesirable matter.

From record that department wind blow could cause wave in expected Laut China Selatan achieve among 2.5 to 3.5 metre.

Fisherman and angler including those use small boat advise holding off to the sea until this end of the month, apart from society requested to avoid anything beach activity or water sports .

Ordinarily during a high tide, water level sea differ according to area with measure taken according to area reference point. High tides beginning cause level increase expansion sea water among 0.5 metre to one metre and it normal thing every time arrive North-East Monsun.

For example, if on waters East Coast every time water install level water environment sea two metres and when water lunar tide happen twice one month, water level sea increase become three metres.

However this rise not serious, instead that required attention is rough sea conditions in East Coast Of The Peninsula, Barat Sabah and a Sarawak am being speculated continued until 29th of December this.

Data accept show have level increase sea water expected to happen until end of this month, yet ordinary rise and not cause danger.

Phenomenon high tides happens every twice in a month when the earth, month and sun is in parallel next place and cause happened full moon or full moon.

To 9 to 16 last December incident high tides first to month this already happened in what is now second episode. This phenomenon is normal thing only difference it this month is some areas such in the area East Coast experience rainfall distribution frequency

Meanwhile, yellow level warning issue Meteorology Department in Sarawak with distribution average rain am being speculated continued until 26th of December especially beside state ' west Bumi Kenyalang that.
Warning in the area east coast following much better weather condition, apart from flood start receded at some areas.


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