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Monday, January 07, 2008

Duncan's Knot Loop

Sometimes equivalent fishing-line type can be misleading especially to distinguish while it more complicating when involve fly fishing .
Peter Hayes, suggest knot Duncan Loop to facilitate bond when fishing way to soar.

1. Include major fishing-line on hole hook and make a skein.

2. Take fishing-line end part and then include into coil and belay to main line.

3. Repeat circumference until four or five times.

4. Kill knot by taking away end part and admitted in coil.

5. Then tidy up bond according to size that is required.


Mustang said...

ikatan yang lain ada tak...apa tali dan mata kail yang paling baik diguna kan..

Abu71 pancing said...

Cari kat dalam blog ni banyak lagi,yang murah tapi ber quality dan mestilah yang mahal...

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