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Friday, January 11, 2008

Fishing rod span luxurious for catch

Ever you hear angler once use bamboo fishing rod over once measure his length measurement with span that fishing rod by using thumb and right hand index?

Best measure to be used is to total size looping to unusual number. This single belief at that time. In fact the measure also also did by half angler veteran who think that the strange survey could be rewarding catch luxurious.

Whether you believe with this belief?

If that make a practice a person can get income luxurious, why today flat flat angler no span rod before purchasing?

Hence, decide him this belief is ended could not be worn or receipt more to nowadays all kinds modern this. But whatever execute once fixed still can be well accepted as rule. For example, advance right leg when step out of the house, read Bismillah and selawat, no step rod, friendly with children and wife before going fishing and not encouraged bring feet angle temper nor mouth outspoken.

Such matters this should well thought out so not happen regret if anything happens that bad involve angler overall.

But today, the practice is ended not to be used more furthermore fishing rod purchase already complete with ring in end part. This of course difficult to cut to get strange measure.

Whatever, dependent you either want use bamboo fishing rod his measure dijengkal or use present fishing rod from various best brands more sophisticated.


Anonymous said...

Boleh pakai ke petua orang dulu.janggal kiraan jengkai btg.joran boleh dapat hasil lebih,..

Abu71 pancing said...

Ini Cuma petua je ,sekarang dah canggih,btg joran pun dah canggih..banyak pilihan.

zaki said...

Aku baru je tag ko...
Masuk blog aku utk info lanjut...

Abu71 pancing said...

Ok zaki Thank...

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