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Friday, December 25, 2009

Tackle Tips

Video-- How to rig a High Speed Wahoo Lure with an ILlander and a 10/0 double hook-set by Capt. Tony Diguilian

This video demonstrates an effective wahoo lure for high speed trolling. The inline 10/0 Double Hook set is very effective and watch as Capt. Tony Diguilian demonstrates how to rig this deadly lure

Monday, December 07, 2009

Fishing as taking care of health

Fishing also need taking care of health.

IgCo 100% Natural Colostrum Skim Milk

* Functional Drink
* Tasty
* 100% Natural
* Fat Free
* Sugar Free
* Contains additional Calcium naturally from Skim Milk
* Because it is pre-dissolved in water, there is a higher absorption ratio of immune factors

IgCo Natural Colostrum Milk vs. Tablets/Capsules

* Excipients
* Tabletting Aids
* Artificial Flavourings
* Colouring Agents
* Need to consume more than 1 tablet/capsule to acquire 150mg IgG

Further information IgCo-
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