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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Daiwa® Fat Flat Crank

Daiwa Lures

An internal weight-shift system means longer casts for more water coverage. Flatter shape and higher buoyancy gives rapid-flash action—floats easily over obstacles for fewer hang ups.

Choice Of Diving Depth

3 distinct lip designs give choice of diving depths.

Dead or Alive
Side Swimming Baitfish

Action of the double-jointed wooden body imitates a mortally injured, side-swimming baitfish, an easy target for large predatory gamefish. Also features spinner buzz blade tail for extra vibration and splash, heavy-duty super sharp hooks and realistic 3-D eyes

Daiwa Spinnerbait
With Detailed Head and 3-D Eyes

Highly detailed fish head design with 3-D eyes. Re-inforcement brace at anchor point and welded blade loop for durability. Features red Mustad® hook and ball bearing swivel. Available in two blade styles, Double Willow (DW) or Combination (CB).

Friday, August 06, 2010

Crystal Red Shrimp

Second Aquarium in my home.This is small planted tank only for shrimp.

The crystal red shrimp is a red color variation of the bee shrimp from China and Hong Kong. It was selectively bred from the bee shrimp (and NOT from the bumblebee shrimp as some erroneously claim) in Japan. It gained huge popularity in Japan and Germany due to its nice colors and excellent algae eating habits. Their colors stay red and white permanently and even young crystal red shrimp (even hatchlings) already show this beautiful coloration. There are several color variations of this shrimp in Japan. There are shrimp with mostly red bodies and thin white stripes (most common), shrimp with wider white stripes, and shrimp with very wide solid white stripes (most sought after). Recently a Japanese breeder has been producing shrimp that are almost solid white from tail to mid-body and show some red in the front. Quite a bit of variation can even occur among siblings as the photos above show.

This shrimp will readily cross with the bee shrimp (crystal black shrimp), chinese zebra shrimp, and the tiger shrimp. The bumblebee shrimp might also cross with this shrimp, but it is less likely to do so since it seems to be a completely different species.

Sunday, August 01, 2010

Planted Freshwater Fish Aquarium-Final

My final planted freshwater aquarium.

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