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Friday, March 30, 2007

My New Toy

With the explosion of narrow diameter super lines, today's application are changing. Down sizing to smaller light weight tackle, while targeting larger game fish is an addictive trend. The super lines have the capacity to put incredible stress on the tackle. The flagship Catalina star drags series is designed and built with today's fishing in mind. The heart of Catalina is the XL stainless steel self lubricating gearing fitted with oversized Rulidium drag system. The large Capacity gears stand up to the strain of extreme fishing, keeping friction free while under pressure. Catalina reels are built for ultimate strength, durability and performance, for any fishing application.

Model - G. Ratio- Bearings -Wt. (oz) - Retrieve - Frame - Sideplate - Spool - Capacity(yds/lbs)
CT-25L - 4.0:1 - 3BB+1RB - 21.3 - 24" - AL - GR - AL - 390/15 320/20 230/25


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