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Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Do You Want To Catch More Fish

There are hundreds of types of fishing lures, with thousands of inequality within each group. But that the baits are brilliant and fluctuating spoon and masks. It is a real science, in the creation of each.

Here is a high-level description of the most common bait fish used and the characteristics that they succeed.

Spoons are in shape (as the name suggests), like a spoon in the fight against the box, do not expect that also efficiently on catching fish. But if they are in water, it is an incredible work mimics a wounded baitfish. A hook (usually a triple height) is at the end and the weight of the draw makes it ideal for casting and trolling. Spoons are very effective northern pike, a large number of trout and bass.


Plugs and Crankbaits are often in the form of sporting minnows and hooks on the front, middle and end of the body (depending on length). You can use anywhere from one inch to eight inches long and a masterful job imitating fish in distress. There are a multitude of candles, some of them float on the surface and under water when reeled in, while others are weighted with lower levels of fishing. Male (crankbaits often called) are very popular with Walley fishing, pike fishing and bass fishing.

Spinners are designed for towing and casting slow and do what their name suggests - is spin. The flash point, and vibrations can lead Trout, Walley, and a variety of other fish from predators. These fishing lures are available in a variety of sizes and colors, because they are mass appeal with a variety of different types. Spinners typically have a central body with rings at both ends to attach the hook and line. When pulled through the water, a shiny blade rotates around the body to the predator fish.

Jigs are especially effective in catching Walley, Perch and a variety of fish. Often from a BLOB in the form of a small fish head, have an eye on one end and a hook for the other. Often with a rubber suits or tail bait (minnows, leeches and night crawlers are the most common), the Jig is a favorite memory of fishing for many fishers.

Is made of metal, plastic or some exotic materials (you can imagine, was no evidence) is Business bait to catch fish, period. Match the correct body of water fisheries, and there will be a day full of lasting memories.


fazrin2211 said...

camno nak mancing haruan

Abu71 said...

cara memancing haruan menggunakan katak. Mesin jenis spining dan tali benang amat di galakkan. Casting adalah cara memburunya.

Su Aziz said...

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Thank you.

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