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Saturday, August 08, 2009

4 Top Lures You Can Use For Fishing

Today, more especially attracts those who are from different species have already been developed. This was due to the development of various accessories and fishing gear and development of the fishing industry is low.

Classes or types of fish are attracted to the market. It depends on the nature, in the case of fish. Most are based only on certain species of fish, but there are also some that can be used for different fish species.

Here is a list of some of the common fisheries attract

1. Light standard casting lures the capacity to attract fish as crappiest, oho, Bonita, Bluefish and albacore. These species also attract larger fish to fish as low, especially if the water at low to medium speed. In addition to the drive on water in plastic undetectable. 1 / 16 oz 3 oz attracts these sizes are available for large fish, low weight and freshwater species. My eyes, hand painted fish allows education. Thanks to them, more opportunities for catching fish, aiming to achieve.

2.heavy Standard Casting luras serious fish, which seems to be difficult, because the bass and pike minnow fish. His serious consideration allows reliably to fish. In addition, this type of bait has the opportunity to catch more fish than others, as the standard Fang clothing attracts light and diamond attracts.

3. jigging / casting luras long it might be best known, drew the application in the field of fisheries, particularly in Louisiana, Mississippi and Florida. Recently, during Casting draws was considered an excellent trout and pike fishing. It was also established that this type of bait and the effectiveness of catching Bluefish stripers. They may be minnows and pike and tuna. However, they are not attracted to that good navigation at 180-200 m below the water. But for optimum performance, make sure that the accessories to attract bait and color correctly.

4. Diamond attracts fatal. This type of bait in size from 1/8- 1 ounce and is considered one of the smallest species to attract. Deadly Diamond has the ability to attract the fish easy to attract 'attention and helps create a school fish just 1 minute. Its secret lies in its surface structure and cutting. Being on the top handle is cut like a diamond, reflects the light that hit the surface. They are attracted fishing stripers, bluegill sunfish and bass species.


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