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Thursday, August 20, 2009

5 keys to choose your fishing temptation colour

When it recognizes catch fish, some usual questions anglers ask is "what do you catch they in" and "what colour do you use"? This are probably 2 of the most common questions that anglers we carry its our vocabulary - and why not, they important.

Does Color Make a Difference?

Yeah, colour doing one difference and could make one big gap. Also when so aggressive and active fish, you may be getting that you catch fish on all colours - but - you may get more fish or bigger fish in "right" colour. Tempt Color is one key to have great days on water.

Tips in Use Silver or Gold Colours

Silver and gold is that you "bread and butter" colours. They your basis colours which will insert all situations. As a general rule, silver is one great colour use of bright, sunny days, where as in darker, cloudy days, would be best gold.

Also, consider your clarity of water are fishing. If your water are fishing in is obviously, when silver will work best. Silver produces bottomless lightning clear water, especially at one hot day. Fish will get to see your temptation form quite a distance.

If your water are fishing is quite "tea stained" or a bit dirty or "cloudy", when gold tempt will become your best option. Gold has reflective qualities devastating in tea stained / dirty water - much better silver.

Keep this two inside simple tips mind when choosing between silver and gold based tempt, and you will definitely has better one day catch fish!

Night tempt dark days and bright tempt bright days

One usually anglers follow is to use bright colour tempt bright days and dark colour tempt dark days. As a general rule, this is quite true, although remember that black will always work, regardless of day.

Temptation and Depth Colour Different

If you are fishing fell 20 legs many inside and infectious fish on a temptation detail, and then the fishing slow down and you know fish have moved deeper - same temptation may not be as effective.

This is because as you go deeper, reflective quality alterations and as such appearance alterations. So your next time ask "what colour do you catch they in" next question should "how very you fishing"?

Choose you colours wisely and try different colours on other days and in different depth. Confine several tips mind said above and you would be able figure a interesting feature!

Until next time, good luck and catch


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