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Saturday, December 15, 2007

ways angle fishing siakap and jenahak

To fish sembilang, hook from number 4, 2,1 fine type can be used. It also fit to all types of fish estuary. Or, bigger size from number 1/0, 2/0 to 4/0 also suitable to be used.

Fish bait cut no giving such effect at the distance throwing those made. However it would contribute balance factor rope movement and wind resistance when throwing.

Importantly is rope size, long fishing rod and technique throwing. Not sure writer, bait fish as large as which those cut two to match with the size hook. Determine hook size could also refer to type of fish fugitive.

Jenahak under 1 kilo or fish tetanda suitable fished using hook number 2 to number 4 or prawn eye strain number 10 to number 13 size common use to fish sands kerisi.

If main line 50 pound, writer recommend use perambut catgut 80 to 120 pound own absorption force good to sudden jerk.

Ordinary Senangin hunting midway food and surface of the water, while red siakap more focused at the bottom bereba.

Over writer prefer to use Apollo's eye number 8 to fish sea fish or mengkerong. Eye apollo number 5 or 6 only need install bait (fish slice or market octopus). This technique very effective and productive without must to labour tie perambut.

Technique use bob also depend to ground state. Policies should coralline and rate got caught high then bait need to be hanged three fathom from the bottom.

If area landed hard or sandy, reserve that ladung and bait on to the bottom.

Rope 17 pound have the strength amount 7 kilo. Meaning, it can accommodate burden as heavy as that.

However heavy fish 1 kilo will give burden 10 double river from heavy his body when battle.

Skill control and adjust tension system at the level right can help angler handle fish 10 double river size than rope in whose use. In short rope 17 pound no problem to fish jenahak.


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