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Tuesday, December 04, 2007


TCE Tackles Sdn Bhd (TCE Tackles), introduce the product latest Tomman Braided - US Bass Line feet for choice angle follow suitability either use at sea, lake or river.

Embroidery fishing-line (braided) this made of fibre spectra use technology United States, while girth a more subtle make it can be used effectively at sea or freshwater.

Low that elastic energy level and high sensitivity force can help it function better with when increase fish and facilitate it am being operated when battle.

This thread fishing-line bring in deep brown can found following heavy required that is 8 pound, 10 pound, 12 pound, 17 pound and 20 pound to measure 50 metre each bobbin, while 30 pound, 50 pound, 60 pound, 80 pound, 100 pound, 130 pound and 150 pound to measure 300 every metre a.

This river product is part from with quality product circulation and business publication that who always find new idea to meet consumer taste.


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