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Thursday, August 24, 2006

Percutian Memancing Di Kelong

Exotic Fishing Adventures With Exotic Treks

Kelong Fishing Trips. Johor, Malaysia

Kelongs Have Been Used in Malaysia Many Years.The Fishing is great!
The Views Are Fantastic!From Here you can see the Fish in clouds below you in the pristine Crystal Clear Waters.
Located Off the East Coast of Johor Malaysia in the South China Sea.
Fish must come from far and wide to feed on the millions of small fish found here around the pilings.
I was fortunate enough to get to fish from here for a short time in Sept. 2000 and it was great fun.
The water in this part of the world is very warm and clear.
Great Salt Water Fishing, scuba diving, snorkel.
It is just far enough away from the mainland Malaysia to get you in some great water for scuba or fishing.
This is also a resort you can stay the night or a few days.
Individuals or for small groups.
You should be able to do some birdwatching and siteseeing from the nearby islands.from Mersing many boats go to many different places and Islands.


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