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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Apakah Umpan Untuk Memancing

When bait fishing, the angler hooks live or dead bait and then casts, letting the bait sink. Depending on the game fish the angler intends to catch, he or she then might let the bait sit on bottom, hoping that the bait's odor attracts fish; jig the bait up and down so that the action attracts fish; or reel the bait in, attempting to entice fish swimming between the bottom and the surface.
Almost every type of freshwater and saltwater game fish may be caught with bait. Live bait is more attractive than dead bait to predatory game fish, which can smell and see the difference. Dead bait, however, is easier for the angler to store and place on the hook. Popular baits in fresh water include worms, crayfish, insect larvae, fish eggs, frogs, and leeches. In salt water, anglers use small, whole fish; pieces of fish; and live crabs and shrimp. Some anglers also chum, which entails throwing additional pieces of dead bait into the water in hope of attracting game fish.


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