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Monday, September 07, 2009

Two thirsty wheel ring cause

1. Thirsty in type ring wheeled can be attributed several major factors namely;

a) Wheel does not work or rotating by discontinued caused rust etc. When it does not work, past rope on top will rub continuously. This friction then generate heat and indirectly will be warming wheel and rope. Hot rope will alter and easy scratched and this rope that scratch finally also give effect on ring wheel. If something rough through surface smooth, in the course of time this surface also receive impact coarsening or even more accurate thirsty. Problem will be more pronounced if embroidered string in use as main line. This type rope quicker erode compared catgut.

b) Wheel ring is made from softer material and absorptive heat. As modern ring is made from composite ceramic smooth and heat tolerant, steel type wheel also are otherwise. When rope movement that go through wheel repeatedly, in the course of time wheel would be undermined little by little. This problem may be can be prevented if wheel revolves with effective when invariably past rope above its. Hereby it denies friction between two material and reduce heat generation.

Can we continue embroidered string with catgut perambut use swivel?

2. Continue embroidered string with perambut use swivel nothing obstacle and permitted provided. If set angle used is to activity fishing policy such as estuary, river, pool and sea. Use swivel is necessary because it function as tool reduce twisted rope. I also used this concept to fish estuary or whatever activity fishing normal. However it less suitable for technique jigging (mengunjum), casting (polish) or popping or whatever activity which gives pouncing rudely. Use perambut shock must connected directly with embroidered string as technique reduce tension or extreme pressure sudden on embroidered string.


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