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Wednesday, September 09, 2009


When sense a fish the hook, it struggles get free. This may involve jump, doing one long run, swimming back against line or swimming around barriers. Each fish species fight differently.

Fish hooks shallow waters is more likely to jump and behave more frantically than those hook deep water. Deep water fish often find policy.

It may be to small fish land many only by roll they in. They will fight, but they shaky as line and rod. Use much lighter pulley and you can obtain competition a few of smallest fish in the lake.

If you catch and release fishing, do not fight too long or the fish will die of exhausted before or after you free it.

Bigger fish Fight

Provide Drag

If a fish doing one contest it, do not be alarmed. And do not try to reeled in while the fish is swimming away of your line. Relax and let drag and rod do the job. After you had provided hook, provide your drag. If you use 12 test pound, you should use about 4 pound drag. New only keeping rod at about a 45 angle degree by way of something its water is straight in fish.

When the fish delay and stop take more line, time-it go for work. Best technique for catch is to gently attract rod up and when spindle dropping as you reduce it, use one pumping motion. Do it in small, flat blow from sharp spread large because it would help maintain both tight line and the fish calmer.

If the fish carry out again, let it goes and you will may see this run is shorter and slower. But do not let fish rest. If you never can hear your drag work, you should roll.

Do not be alarmed. Even if you get close fish boat, does not mean it completed fight. If this change and carry out, let it goes. Your line is rather short at the moment, and action pump and spindle could break it.


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