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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Fly Fishing – Catch and Release Yourself

When fly fishing, many anglers prefer to catch and release their fly fishing prizes. Still, what should you do when you’re the prize?

That’s Gotta Hurt

If you become a fly fishing fanatic, you will inevitably hook yourself one day. Of course, this has never happened to me, but my “friends” have done it repeatedly. Being a thoughtful and observant person, I’ve seen how they go about unhooking themselves from a fly. Again, this is never happened to me. Ever. No, I won’t take a lie detector test.

The Barb

The best hook removal method depends on the location of the hook barb. The barb is the part of the hook that keeps the hook from simply sliding back out of the fish or, in this case, you. The essential question is which direction will result in the least damage from the barb.

A “friend” of mine once managed to hook himself through the flap of skin between the thumb and forefinger. The hook penetrated from the top of this hand through to the palm. The barb had gone all the way through the skin. In such a situation, the best method is simply to cut the line at the base of the hook and push it the rest of the way through the skin. This technique will result in a minimum of damage.

Another “friend” of mine once slipped on a rock and hooked himself something fierce in the meat section of the palm about an inch below the pinkie. There wasn’t anyway to push the hook through, so it had to be pulled back out the way it went in. The problem, of course, is the barb could have caused a lot of damage on the way back out. So, what’s the solution?

There are two solutions [excluding the hospital] to avoiding barb damage. The first requires two people. The hooked individual should press the hook slowly toward the curve of the hook. Put another way, you want to compress this curve of the hook. This sounds brutal, but actually should cause the barb to retract from the meat of your hand. The second person then applies pressure to both sides of the entry point to pull it open. The hooked individual should then GENTLY slide the hook out trying to follow the curve of the entry path. Sounds painful, but it works.

If you’re alone, follow the same instructions but you’ll have to do without the pressure. Just go slow and easy. If the hook doesn’t slide, don’t force it. Just head off to the local emergency room.

Catch and release is a good way to fish. Even if you catch yourself.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Way hunt grouper at the beach

Grouper staying size beach it less than 2 kilo except the area airnya in.

Hence, hook suitable is dependent number 8 to number 10.
Although grouper 500 grams can swallow number hook 5/0,
but caused geography factor, you suggested use small hook.

Branch line appropriate is among 20 to 40 pound according to size main line which are used.
Perambut 40 pound are considered large to tie number eye 10.

Fishing grouper in area of rock not require perambut long because too long it easy to hang to coral.
Fittest distance or two span that from bob. Technique fishing grouper usually in area of rock.

Pendulum also defeated to distance throwing want make. If bait hurled at close range, use small bob just to drown bait to the bottom.

If intend make far throwing, large pendulum required to reduce especially obstruction wind.

For writer, more enjoyable to use hook without bob in side area stone. Dead bait slice afford sink to the bottom if that location his current weak. Risk got caught to also little stone if using this technique.

Slice bait a kind of sea-fish and octopus best to attract beach grouper because grouper not choose bait. Anything stay bait in front it sure pounce. Apart from life prawn, fish slice, one can use crabmeat or sands crab, snail or any content shell those found on the beach rocky beach.

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practical bait hook octopus

Following are several display technique picture install octopus to bait a hook refer picture.

Install eye to fresh an octopus nor life.

Way bait use octopus head slice way octopus body by lengthwise.

Way altenatif make octopus content as fry.

Udang Galah-Bait smelling faster give revenue

Lobster classify as omnivorous animal viz species practically eat all kinds she being met. To facilitate detect faster prawn we need use bait 'smelly'. In clear area of water under and highly cautious prawn induce except we fishing night time or deep hollow dominate lobster.

Quick and usual prawn bait bound prawn is perumpun - nest type, mangrove, beach and palm. Earthworm either become hysterical or ordinary type. Crayfish child or dead / living rice prawn, scallop, cockle content, ala ala - use part that the harsh. Fish content slice fine lengthwise according to size hook. Lobster content - cut according to size hook. Market prawn no matter what sort, dead or living drain fry both of them can. Other choice - heart / chicken liver but only suitable to hook in the pool.

Bait size fitted to bait a hook please do not too big because of this would delay prawn process to swallow eye. Cut or slice bait let matching with the size hook which are used. Hook size prawn and type depend to the nature rod.

Fishing no lobster particular season either in the area upstream and interior including mine, lake and pond. However dry season (no prior rain) is best time fishing lobster. Other than that easier night time stalk lobster over day because environmental area clear water and lobster seldom go out wander daytime to avoid pounce predator. Need to be reminded if location visited far from development area as upstream interior for instance, security measure must take attention as nocturnal too many dangers. If less secure state beginning advise better needlessly fishing in area involved.

Supply season river mouth lobster present after several fine day that rain stopped. Ordinarily water rain will come out to the sea through river took with all lobster. Currently lobster will roam in the area estuary who then water it bargain. Lobster will move upstream again upstream when river mouth back brackish or salty. In short prawn season is during the year except at the mouth only after rainy season or when river mouth water it bargain.

Perambut his habit's lobster is use catgut 6 pound to 12 pound. This will do heavily one myself prawn. Strength 12 pound can accommodate and lift maximum burden 5.5 kilo already too big to lobster river that average 50 grams to 500 grams. Long perambut as good as it 15 centimetre or about finger distance adult. Catgut type let that soft so lobster not so 'consider' burden when chew bait. Many prawn hook type and size follow place, field type angle and prawn size.

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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Tips Install Bait

This knot suitable to be used to tie bait either octopus slice or deep fish section with flow water situation no matter at sea or river.

1. Bait cut admitted go through hook yet this method have evil if using soft bait because it likely will be consumed unwanted fish or smaller sized.

2. However, bait will be safer if admitted go through especially fishing-line at the level air whose deeper.

3. Then folding bait and was once again include hook go through him to make sure hook effectiveness.

4. Bait part of the surplus can become attractiveness when it move bring current.

5. One more time include hook go through last part to make sure excluded hook from bait.

6. Take piece more bait and folding then include go through hook.

7. Push bait part become folded to make sure excluded eye and impose victim nicely.

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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Fishing Spot-Kong Kong,Pasir Gudang

Yesterday,my friend go fishing in Kong Kong,Pasir Gudang.Although hereabouts not many famous but it have spot fishing good and spesis attractive fish.Between fish that there as Siakap,Tetanda,Red and different kind.

Bon and Tetanda ------- ------ Gemok and Siakap

Bon and Siakap

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

forum Pancing-ikan

Assalamualaikum and selamat to all.To extend more world angle this, I have tried make single forum links by what that over fish,angle and etc.

To-you that many tips,experience and whatever of angle ,can particle suffixed to the emphatic word in sentence enter to the forum this.Tips and experience you may be shared jointly by all fan angle

Assalamualaikum dan selamat untuk semua.Untuk memperluaskan lagi dunia pancing ini, saya telah mencuba membuat satu forum yang bersangkut-paut dengan apa saja mengenai ikan,pancing dan lain-lain.

Kepada anda yang banyak tip-tip,pengalaman dan apa jua tentang pancing ,boleh lah masuk ke forum ini.Tip-tip dan pengalaman anda boleh dikongsi bersama oleh semua peminat pancing.

Moderator-moderator pancing untuk forum ini amat dialu-alukan.


Friday, January 11, 2008

Fishing rod span luxurious for catch

Ever you hear angler once use bamboo fishing rod over once measure his length measurement with span that fishing rod by using thumb and right hand index?

Best measure to be used is to total size looping to unusual number. This single belief at that time. In fact the measure also also did by half angler veteran who think that the strange survey could be rewarding catch luxurious.

Whether you believe with this belief?

If that make a practice a person can get income luxurious, why today flat flat angler no span rod before purchasing?

Hence, decide him this belief is ended could not be worn or receipt more to nowadays all kinds modern this. But whatever execute once fixed still can be well accepted as rule. For example, advance right leg when step out of the house, read Bismillah and selawat, no step rod, friendly with children and wife before going fishing and not encouraged bring feet angle temper nor mouth outspoken.

Such matters this should well thought out so not happen regret if anything happens that bad involve angler overall.

But today, the practice is ended not to be used more furthermore fishing rod purchase already complete with ring in end part. This of course difficult to cut to get strange measure.

Whatever, dependent you either want use bamboo fishing rod his measure dijengkal or use present fishing rod from various best brands more sophisticated.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Tide Sea Water on malaysia

Tide water determinant sea angler revenue.

Coast is wrong hits single location angler because cost it cheap and we can bring with family member exercise by the sea shore. Unwinding while fishing.

Different beach bait with fished from on the boat / sampan because fished from our beach heavy dependence to presence fish over from our soft launch move find fish deep hollow.

Person rule -easy old people that viz if fishing at the beach make sure those areas have 'fish herd'. Have fish herd bring specific purpose either from the aspect victim fish and predator fish.

At the beach Barat tide water happen 2 river one day while beach east erratic, have beach install and ebb one day once and there are those neap tide last install ordinary. Inside insertion product JORAN this have tide table in water half selected place.

It can plan appropriate time angler come down to fish. Revenue angle beach heavy dependence to skill angler read movement water. Time tide is best time fishing because when this many close predator fish to the beach search of food.

It rise apart from beach area beach when water want ebb. Under time effective is when hot weather as afternoon.Early afternoon to to morning is appropriate time because when this ai quiet and close bolder fish to the beach.

If one knows coast structure bar and policy at the beach in whose visiting it may become a bonus because we can guess choice deep hollow current fish.

If water clear at the beach, in field easy in identify through color difference water. If bright whiten indicate it shallow, green and blue dark indicate it in while if dark blackness there may coral structure in his policy.

Apart from wise to read tide water, fish season enter beach also can make determinant factor. This in spoke when 'fish herd' move to the beach type as anchovies predator fish of course will comply tailing anchovy herd just now inherently.

It usually will stay in singly a period deep coast that short. Beach fisherman doubtless know over fish school attendance this is because this their search's is the source. In brief, we get clever eavesdropping! I often self wait this moment.

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  • Tide Sea Water on malaysia-Jadual Pasang Surut Air Laut
  • Monday, January 07, 2008

    Duncan's Knot Loop

    Sometimes equivalent fishing-line type can be misleading especially to distinguish while it more complicating when involve fly fishing .
    Peter Hayes, suggest knot Duncan Loop to facilitate bond when fishing way to soar.

    1. Include major fishing-line on hole hook and make a skein.

    2. Take fishing-line end part and then include into coil and belay to main line.

    3. Repeat circumference until four or five times.

    4. Kill knot by taking away end part and admitted in coil.

    5. Then tidy up bond according to size that is required.

    Sunday, January 06, 2008

    Fishing Sunglasses

    Sunglasses are not as simple as many people think. As such, it’s important that you get “briefed” before you buy.

    The different parts to sunglasses will have a great impact on the look and feel of the pair. Different parts can also affect UV protection, glare resistance, and what sports the sunglasses would best be used for. With this in mind, it is important to consider each of the different options available for sunglasses.

    Different sunglass lenses, tints, and coatings will be beneficial depending on the intended use. Lens materials also serve different purposes. The best lenses to use are glass lenses, because they are of the highest quality and most scratch resistant. Unfortunately, the glass lenses are also the most expensive. Acrylic plastic lenses are the least expensive and weigh less. As a result, they are not of the highest quality and therefore scratch extremely easily. For casual ware, less expensive glasses may be preferred. For sports, higher-quality lenses should probably be considered.

    Sunglass tints also serve different purposes. The common tints are amber and orange, brown, gray, green, rose, vermilion, and yellow. Amber and orange tints reduce blue light, which is a chief component of glare. This tint is ideal for high glare sports like fishing, boating, skiing, and flying. Brown tints are good for variable light conditions. The dark tint reduces eyestrain, making it an ideal tint for driving, cycling, and running. Gray and green tints are good tints for many purposes. Rose, vermillion, and yellow are all solid daytime tints. Certain tints work best for certain needs, but the best way to find out is to try different tints. If the tint fits your needs, than it is a good option. There are also several different coatings for lenses. Some coatings are anti-reflective, while others have mirrors.

    The frame of the glasses is very important. There are several materials for frames. Plastic frames are the cheapest and therefore not of as high quality. Plastic frames also crack easily. Nylon and metal frames are both good choices. However, nylon is flexible and stronger than metal. The hinge can also have metal and nylon. Again, in this instance, nylon is stronger and therefore probably the better choice.

    Whichever pair you choose, I’d like to leave you with a bit of advice: remember you’re your lenses should be cleaned often. For cleaning sunglass lenses, mild soap and warm water should be used. Cleaning lenses removes dirt and oil and helps avoid buildup of debris, which can cloud vision or scratch lenses. After washing lenses, one should dry them with a lens cloth or non-abrasive cotton in order to prevent scratching. You can also buff the lens by holding the frame firmly and moving in a gentle, circular motion

    Friday, January 04, 2008

    Sport fishing

    Sport fishing is a term (often used interchangeably with game fishing) that describes recreational fishing where the primary reward is the challenge of finding and catching the fish rather than just the culinary or financial value of the fish's flesh.

    The distinction is not completely rigid - in many cases, sport fishers will also eat their catches.The philosophies and tactics used for sport fishing, however, are usually sufficiently different from "food fishing" to make the distinction clear enough.

    Thursday, January 03, 2008

    Fisherman, angler forbid to the sea

    Although hazard warning already called in caused much better flood situation in especially some region in East Coast Of The Peninsula, public, including fisherman and angler request always wary.

    However, rough sea warning issue Meteorology Department expected to happen until this end of the month following as fast as wind blow state 40 to 50 kilometre (km) an-hour and request any activity sea in area involved stopped to avoid undesirable matter.

    From record that department wind blow could cause wave in expected Laut China Selatan achieve among 2.5 to 3.5 metre.

    Fisherman and angler including those use small boat advise holding off to the sea until this end of the month, apart from society requested to avoid anything beach activity or water sports .

    Ordinarily during a high tide, water level sea differ according to area with measure taken according to area reference point. High tides beginning cause level increase expansion sea water among 0.5 metre to one metre and it normal thing every time arrive North-East Monsun.

    For example, if on waters East Coast every time water install level water environment sea two metres and when water lunar tide happen twice one month, water level sea increase become three metres.

    However this rise not serious, instead that required attention is rough sea conditions in East Coast Of The Peninsula, Barat Sabah and a Sarawak am being speculated continued until 29th of December this.

    Data accept show have level increase sea water expected to happen until end of this month, yet ordinary rise and not cause danger.

    Phenomenon high tides happens every twice in a month when the earth, month and sun is in parallel next place and cause happened full moon or full moon.

    To 9 to 16 last December incident high tides first to month this already happened in what is now second episode. This phenomenon is normal thing only difference it this month is some areas such in the area East Coast experience rainfall distribution frequency

    Meanwhile, yellow level warning issue Meteorology Department in Sarawak with distribution average rain am being speculated continued until 26th of December especially beside state ' west Bumi Kenyalang that.
    Warning in the area east coast following much better weather condition, apart from flood start receded at some areas.

    Tuesday, January 01, 2008

    Fishing By Moon Phase: Increase Your Catch

    Every fisherman dreams of a bigger catch! Is it possible to know beforehand when you should plan a trip to enjoy some fishing, catch more than usual, and come home feeling 100% satisfied? Based on my own personal research around the best fishing times, I think it is.

    When I first started fishing, the best fishing time for me was whatever time happened to suit me. I tried different lures, baits and techniques until I'd spent a small fortune in my quest to improve my fishing catch. When I finally heard about the "Solunar Theory"--or fishing by moon phase--like most anglers, I was skeptical......Read More......
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