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Friday, August 02, 2013

Okuma Makaira SEa Reels

Spooling up with braided line can be tricky, as these lines tend to slip on the arbor, no matter how tightly you wind them on the spool. But in this video, Okuma’s Brandon Cotton, using an Okuma Makaira MK-15II SEa (Special Edition) two-speed lever drag reel, explains two simple tricks that prevent slippage troubles with braided lines.

 Here’s a little bit more about Okuma’s Makaira SEa reels:

 Okuma’s Makaira SEa two-speed lever-drag reels pack all of the powerful features of the Makaira series, plus frames that have been machined out for increased clearance between the spool and crossbars. These models also have special open-spool bearings lubricated with TSI-301 oil for reduced free-spool friction and greater casting distance. The gun-metal anodized-aluminum frames offer superior corrosion resistance, and each reel carries a 5-year warranty. Sizes range from the smallest MK-8II SEa to the largest MK-50II SEa, with suggested retail prices ranges from $479.99 to $619.99.
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