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Friday, July 05, 2013

Deeds 'Paternoster' is suitable for apollo


How Apollo and bonding techniques used in the seabed angler?


How Apollo and bonding techniques used in the seabed angler? Shukor from Penang.


 There are several techniques used apollo bond anglers policy. One of the popular ways is the bond 'Paternoster'. Bonding techniques such as use of catgut two chains and a key leader of the young leader either the same or different sizes twisted together like the screenshot below. Key leaders must be longer than his leader. 1. Prepare the main leader and the leader like his picture. The main leader must four to five times longer than his leader. Young leaders in the foot are long over. For red fishing policies leading 100 pound leader and leader children 60 to 80 pounds. Make a loop knot simultaneously for both leaders as picture 2. Make sure the child turns to the leader over to the side of the tip to allow the tie hooks on the process later. Repeat the process to make a loop knot formed up to 3 turns. Circumference must be uniform. then pull both ends of this circumference simultaneously and evenly. Pull gently so that they form a neat and uniform circumference. Repeat the same process for the second hook. Results like the picture. We can also make apollo bait (6 hooks) with the same technique.
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