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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Fish Profiles

Saltwater Fish


Common Name: Barracuda
Other Names: Couta, Giant Pike
Scientific Name: Sphyraena Barracuda

Habitat: This species wonders between reefs. They occur in shoals, with the occasional solitary individual. Juveniles found on shallow flats.

Distribution: Indian Ocean, reefs

Bait: Barracuda eat a variety of fish. Large barracudas herd shoals of fish into shallow water where they then gorge themselves.

Fishing Strategy: The Great barracuda is the largest of the barracudas and is normally found in shoals, but loners can be found around reefs. The teeth of these fish are long and sharp which they use to tear into flesh so the use of a wire trace is essential.

Eating Quality: Barracuda are normally caught for the fight and then returned.

Tackle :
Wire trace is essential
10 - 16kg line
Sturdy Rod


Common Name: Wahoo
Other Names: Ono, Oahu fish, Pacific kingfish, Ocean barracuda
Scientific Name: Acanthocybium solandri

Habitat: Wahoo can be found near reefs where warm currents run close inshore.
Also found in the open ocean around bait fish.

Distribution: Found in various parts of the world

Bait: Wahoo feed on other fishes, as well as such as anchovies, small tuna and even squid.

Fishing Strategy: The Wahoo is a powerful gamefish which inhabits off shore coral or rocky reefs. Wahoo prey on fish, small tuna, kingfish and flying fish even squid. This powerful game fish is often targeted by fly fisherman, as it is one of those species can be teased to the surface using a hook.

Poppers and slammer can be used
Wire trace is a must
Trolling lures or live mullet
Strong rod

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