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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Daiwa® Fat Flat Crank

Daiwa Lures

An internal weight-shift system means longer casts for more water coverage. Flatter shape and higher buoyancy gives rapid-flash action—floats easily over obstacles for fewer hang ups.

Choice Of Diving Depth

3 distinct lip designs give choice of diving depths.

Dead or Alive
Side Swimming Baitfish

Action of the double-jointed wooden body imitates a mortally injured, side-swimming baitfish, an easy target for large predatory gamefish. Also features spinner buzz blade tail for extra vibration and splash, heavy-duty super sharp hooks and realistic 3-D eyes

Daiwa Spinnerbait
With Detailed Head and 3-D Eyes

Highly detailed fish head design with 3-D eyes. Re-inforcement brace at anchor point and welded blade loop for durability. Features red Mustad® hook and ball bearing swivel. Available in two blade styles, Double Willow (DW) or Combination (CB).


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Anonymous said...

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