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Thursday, July 08, 2010

Shimano Butterfly Jigging System

Shimano Butterfly Jigging System video Part 1.

Shimano Butterfly Jigging System video Part 2.

Shimano Butterfly Jigging System video Part 3.

Troubled by being able to see the fish on the fish finder but can't get them to bite? Looking for an exciting new way to catch more fish?

The Shimano Butterfly Jigging System could be the answer to your fishing woes. Developed in Japan in the early 1990's to catch Bluefin tuna in depths of up to 500 feet, the Shimano Butterfly Jigging System has been proven to out fish bait in many instances when the fish are finicky and won't bite.

The System is based on four components:

1. A Lure called the Shimano Butterfly Jig, which has a very unique action both on the fall and retrieve.

2. A sensitive, lightweight, very durable rod series named the Trevala.

3. The new generation of super lines.

4. Our high speed, high power reels like Torsa, Trinidad and Stella.

The combination of these products makes catching fish easier, more productive and flat out fun!

To learn more about this new fish catching phenomenon, download the Butterfly Jigging Catalog to see how you can catch more fish when the fishing is tough.

Discover the exciting way to catch more fish!


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