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Friday, May 14, 2010

Tioman Trip 2010-April

Tioman Island is an excellent spot for fun-filled water sports activities.

Fishing enthusiasts can enjoy a bountiful catch at Tioman Island, Just hire a boat for a day, anchor outside the Marine Park limits where fishing is permitted. By dusk, you will have a catch large enough for a sumptuous barbecue on the beach. If you want to try something different and challenging, try your hand at deep-sea fishing. Among the species if fishes and crustaceans found here are groupers, morays, tunas, parrotfish, sea-bass, red snappers, stingrays, plaices, soles, cora trouts, blue marlins, squids, cuttlefish, shrimps, crabs, prawns and lobsters.

This is my trip fishing at Tioman-April 2010


kuat said...

bro/sis apa nama tekong and cemana nak contact?

Abu71 said...

Tekong Pak Raman Mukut di Pulau Tioman.Nanti saya cari contact nya....hilang lak..

kuat said...

tq bro

kuat said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
kuat said...

Bro, dpt ke nombor Pak Rahman bro,

Abu71 said...

cuba no.ini kalau masih active lagi-0137064232

silverkingalaska said...

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