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Wednesday, June 03, 2009


1) For live or dead bait fishing no more than two single hooks my be used. Both must be firmly imbedded in or securely attached to the bait. The eyes of the hooks must be no less than a hook's length (the length of the largest hook used) apart and no more than 18 inches (45.72 cm) apart. The only exception is that the point of one hook may be passed through the eye of the other hook.

2) The use of a dangling or swinging hook is prohibited. Double or treble hooks are prohibited.

3) A two-hook rig for bottom fishing is acceptable if it consists of two single hooks on separate leaders or drops. Both hooks must be imbedded in the respective baits and separated sufficiently so that a fish caught on one hook cannot be foul-hooked by the other.

4) A photograph or sketch of the hook arrangement most accompany all record applications made for fish caught on two-hook tackle.
NOT LEGAL as back hook is not firmly imbedded in or securely attached to the bait, and is a dangling or swinging hook.

LEGAL as both hooks are firmly imbedded or securely attached to the bait. Would not be legal if eyes of hooks were more than 18 inches (45.72 cm) apart


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