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Thursday, March 05, 2009

Fishing Rod Maker

Wood provides a “classic” look in many ways. It brings back memories and visions of a day gone by. In the old days, fishermen would often have a wood handle on their rod and a wood framed landing net by their side; it was the material that was available. A full wood grip or trim bands on your custom built rod will truly set it off as being custom built. How may wood grips have you seen on the lake or stream?

Born of a love of wood and fishing.

At Classic Custom Wood, we truly custom-make each wood fishing rod grip and landing net to your specifications. The process starts with questions that will assure that you get a “custom” handle or net– made just for you – not a stock items that you just pick off the shelf. Next we’ll build you a virtual grip and send you the picture so you can tweak it to make sure that what you get is what you want. We keep a limited stock of the most popular woods but can get most any exotic woods from one of our suppliers. We only use the highest quality wood.

We can make a grip for the Fuji concealed hood for either spinning or trigger grip bait casting. Common grips, which incorporate a barrel type real seat, are far easier to produce and can be made to your specifications. Half wells, full wells, cigar, western or custom type fly grips can also be done for you fly fishermen. We also produce custom trim bands or partials for you to incorporate into your cork grips as well as plans for you to make your own jigs and build your own.

Be sure to visit the FAQ’s page to find out more about wood as it compares to cork.

If you think you’d like one of these but don’t build rods yourself, click on Tackleworks, or the Custom Rod Builders Guild, in the links page or contact us and we’ll help you find a builder near you.

Sounding a little stuffy isn’t it? As you go on through this site we’ll get to know each other better and I’ll loosen up.


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