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Friday, July 25, 2008

Make Bait Tips For Jigs

Here is how to make bait tips from shrimp to add flavor and odor to your jigs.

Difficulty: Easy

Time Required: 30 minutes

Here's How:

1.You will need an empty plastic quart mayonaise jar, a box of table salt, and two pounds of bait shrimp without the heads.

2.Peel all the shrimp so you are left with meat only.

3.Cut the shrimp into pieces no larger than one half inch around.

4.Pour a layer of salt a half inch thick in the bottom of the jar.

5.Place a single layer of shrimp on the salt, and cover that layer with another layer of salt.

6.Alternate layers of salt and shrimp until the jar is filled, and put the lid on tightly.

7.Allow the jar to sit for as long as possible, even for several weeks.

8.You may now open the jar and remove the shrimp, placing them in plastic baggies for storage and use. Or you may simply use the shrimp directly from the jar, disgarding the excess salt.

9.The shrimp will be toughened enough to stay on a hook, small enough not to interfere with jig action, and smelly enough to do wonders attracting fish!


1.Make sure to remove all of the shell pieces

2.Make sure to cut the shrimp small enough, but not too small.

What You Need:

*2 pounds of fresh shrimp
*one pound of table salt
*1 plastic quart mayo jar


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