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Sunday, February 17, 2008

the best fishing knots.

This fishing knot uses the hangmans uni knot and is the knot most used by Paul's Fishing Kites for all the critical knotted joins in their kite fishing rigs and kite lines.

The best thing about this fishing knot is that it doesn't tighten up over time like a clinch knot or uni knot does and is ideal to use on surf fishing lines.

While other knots weaken the line over time, the catspawed hangmans uni knot will last for years without any maintenance required.

You will need to learn the hangmans uni knot before attempting this.

This knot is best tightened slowly while paying particular attention to how the line is laying while pulling it up.

You don't want to have any twists in the line or have the line crossing. A bit of practice is required.

To pull it up, put the clip over something fixed, such as a large nail.

Put light tension on the main line and slowly push the noose up to the clip.

This is truly one of the best saltwater fishing knots around and it is really worth taking the time to learn how to tie it properly.

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